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Calgary Skydive Centre
Skydive Eden North Stony Plain
Edmonton Skydiving Westlock

British Columbia

Skydive Kamloops
Vancouver Skydiving Center
Pacific Skydivers Pitt Meadows
Black Ram Parachute Schools
Okanagan Skydiving Vernon
Pacific Airsports Campbell River


Winnipeg Skydiving Centre
Adventure Skydiving Steinbach

New Brunswick

Skydive Moncton

Nova Scotia

Atlantic Skydiving Waterville
West River Sky Sports


Niagara Skydive Centre
Skydive Toronto
Parachute School of Toronto
Markham Skydiving
Skydive Gananoque
Skydive SWOOP Waterdown
Grand Bend Parachuting Center
Skydive Burnaby
Mile High Parachuting
St. Catherines Parachute Club


Parachutisme Nouvel Air Farnham
Centre de Parachutisme de Quebec
Skydive Horizon St-Honoré Quebec
Atmosphair St.Jean Chrysostome
Parachutisme Victoriaville


Prairie Skymasters Wakaw
Skydive South Sask Regina
Weyburn Sport Parachuting
Prairie Skymasters Saskatoon

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