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BASE Jumping Submit a Link

Swiss Freefall
BASE Revolution - Poland
BASEjump - Austria
Mário Pardo Portugal
Avery Badenhop
Felix Baumgartner
German BASE Association
French BASE Association
On Heading - Norway
Swedish BASE Association
Yuri's BASE Galleries
The BASE Point - Norway
Bærum Beis - Norway
BASE Jumping UK
Australian BASE Association
Dave's B.A.S.E Page - USA
BASE Jumping Yosemite - USA
The BASEic Experience - USA
Adrenalin - France
BASE Fatality List

© 2000 Yuri Kuznetsow
© 2000 Yuri Kuznetsow

Bridge Day Net
Bridge Photos
Bridge Day FAQ
Bridge Day History
Bridge Day Official Site

Sub-Terminal PlayGround
Adrenaline Exploits Mexico
Worlds Tallest Buildings
Sunrise Times
BASE Climb - Italy
BASE Jumping - Italy

© 2000 Yuri Kuznetsow
© 2000 Yuri Kuznetsow

Team Crank - UK
Domestic BASE
SkyVenture - Malaysia
Extreme BASE
B.A.S.E. Germany
BASE Info by Walt Appel - USA
Jeb's Portefolio
Ekstremsportveko - Norway
BLiNC Magazine
Videos Sports Xtrem - France
Baffin Island Expedition
12 secondes BASE - France
BASE Dudes - Belgium - UK

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